Wedding Outfits For Mother of The Bride: The Guidelines

by admin on December 5, 2009

Undoubtedly the mother of the bride is one of the great protagonist of the ceremony. After all, she is responsible for the many tasks that a wedding planning conveys; the wedding outfits for the mother of the bride should be elegant, different to any of the guests’ outfits, with a slight touch of austerity and ultimately as comfortable as possible. It is highly recommended that wedding dresses and mother of the bride outfits should be designed by the same person.

Talk to the bride and groom when opting for a particular design. The outfit should be comfortable and to your liking, but it should also blend in with the bride’s outfit style. Rules of etiquette suggest that the mother of the bride chooses first and then lets the mother of the groom know about any decisions made. It is also advisable to consult with her before deciding on the color and pattern of the outfit to avoid matching models (you don’t want your outfit to become a wedding uniform!) or, on the other hand, contrasts that can be striking. Colors should harmonize with the general tone and style chosen by the bride and groom, and the hairstyle should always be as natural as possible.

It is not tasteful to look “provocative” – low cut necklines or mini skirts. In hot weather “vaporous” designs and fabrics like viscose crepe silk in soft colors are most appropriate, while chiffon and organza are perfect for a “gala” type of wedding. Trying to evoke the 50s and 60s is always a good idea: pointy high heels would reflect the era. This is not a competition, choose a dress that feels fits well, feels comfortable, enhances your body shape and reflects your personality.

A factor is that you have to agree in the end with everyone so there is no clash of any kind (whether the clash is about matching mother of the bride outfits or difference in opinions!). Also take into account that the overall style should not be about looking “motherly”. Your job as a mother has been done and you should not only enjoy yourself but also look your best!

The things to consider are: age (don’t wear an outfit that makes you look old, and vice-versa), climate, time of year or season; NO white, beige, cream or ivory colors (white and similar tones should always be UNIQUE to the bride); also, no reds or “alarming” colors. If all these considerations are “a bit difficult” to follow, settle for plain colors and no patterns.

Grace and style are the common denominators for the night. And remember, when it comes to issues concerning the mother of the bride wedding outfits abide by the most important rule, and that is: always be flexible!

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