The Refreshing Frank Usher Mother of the Bride Collection: Four Wonderful Designs!

by admin on April 24, 2012

Even though I always tend to praise (highly) John Charles, Paule Vasseur and Ian Stuart above and beyond the other designers, there’s no doubt that labels like Presen, Mireia and Carina are doing a great job in Spain, while other labels in the UK contribute to what the mother of the bride needs to look splendorous on the day of the big event.

Frank Usher mother of the bride collection is conservative at the same time as chic and elegant. There’s an air of “a bit of the old” mixed with “a bit of the new” in the overall feel and the designs have that subtle but divine touch about them. In the article Frank Usher Mother of the Bride Outfits you can learn more about this magnificent designer/label.

I’ve emailed the company so they would send me this a link to year’s creations but I haven’t heard from them. If you have any information on this, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

Fabulous Designs

Check them out. There’s another two designs displayed on the link above, and I’ve added four more here.

Frank Usher Mother of the Bride Collection 1

Frank Usher Mother of the Bride Collection 2

Frank Usher Mother of the Bride Collection 3

Frank Usher Mother of the Bride Collection 5

Fabulous short dresses, lots of colour and temperament in the designs – great vintage style combining with patterns that deliver fantastic visual texture. I particularly love the first outfit: baby pink, black and white is a combination to die for. It just works so well.

Pay attention to the fabulous hats and fascinators, which I think is one of the creations’ fortes.

Prices are usually not that high either – check your nearest stockists and give them a call. Find out if there is a sale going on; sometimes it really is worth it to travel a bit further in order to get a good reduction on your outfit. I always advice people to take time to find the perfect garment. Time will save you money if you spend it wisely!

**Frank Usher stocksits here

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