Mother of the Bride Outfits 2018: The New Collections

by sensationaladmin on February 6, 2017

For mother of the bride outfits 2017 we need to look at the new collections.

Since have not changed that much regarding style & elegance. While colours and patterns might differ throughout the years, there’s no doubt that the mother of the bride should always be synonym of elegance. The classic look always works well, especially in the UK where we have seen delicious outfits by renowned designers.

Open 7 days a week (til 5pm), Nigel Rayment Boutique ( is offering outfits by names like John Charles, Gina BAcconi, Carla Ruiz, Gabriela Sanchez, Luis civit, Teresa Ripoll and Ian Stuart amongst others.

With their London and Manchester boutique you can find beautiful collections including smaller sizes and plus sizes. What stood out for us was John Charles for the simplicity and elegance.

John Charles

The signature is most definitely equal to a style that is elegant and extremely subtle glamour at the same time. The timeless outfits are a favourite to many mothers of the bride who like to show individuality. There’s no doubt you will feel special with a John Charles outfit.

Visit John Charles directly here:

Gina Bacconi

This British design which was founded over 100 years ago is still a favourite amongst many mothers. Simple in style but beautiful and elegant, the feminine touches adds a playful flair to the outfits. These are comfortable garments that make you look beautiful.

We think John Charles might add more sophistication to your final look, but for the mother looking for something less ‘rigid’ and a little more flexible Gina Bacconi’s outfits are just perfect. Versatile and light, remember to match with the perfect shoes and bag.

Visit Gina Bacconi directly here:

Luis Civit

Here’s a Spanish designer offering flamour and finesse all in one. If you want to move away from the more traditional UK styles, these outfits will make a bold statement. We think Luis Civit mother of the bride outfits are the perfect fit if you’re travelling abroad for the wedding. Still, in the UK it will create an impact. Elegant and stylish, the refined overall look is undoubtedly sensational.

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