Mother of the Bride Outfits 2018 Ireland: Fabulous Stockists

by sensationaladmin on February 6, 2017

For mother of the bride outfits in Ireland we have looked at a few places and designers that made an impression on us. Cilento, Civit, Cabotine, Jon Clare and Nicola Ross. More on each one of them below together with a few mother of the bride outfits from this year’s collections.

Go Cilento

Cilento is offering free shipping on order over £42.

New in this year we have vivid colours dominating the scene: sharp pinks and blues, mid-lengths and short sleeves. You can stand out with the Cilento mother of the bride outfits: layers of layers flowing effortlessly around the body define some of the beautiful dresses. s

With price oscillating between £250 and £700 there’s something for everyone, although we favour Luis Civit mother of the bride outfits because of the elegant cut and general finess. More below.

Names to keep in mind: Rosa Clara and Carla Ruiz. We’re loving the florals within the designs but they might not be for everyone.

The Spanish Conquistadores

Moving on we have Luis Civit and Cabotine. Luis Civit’s collection offers a great line with totally exquisite tailoring as well as an incredible attention to detail. We are loving the beige tonalities.

Another Spanish name to watch out for is Cabotine. Cabotine is also the name behind ‘Zeila’, but Cabotine is focusing on a luxurious finish without bumping the cost of the mother of the bride outfits too much.

Maybe some think the Spanish style is not for everyone? We think they are.

Jon Clare: New Stock

Based in Cork, Jon Clare is a fabulous ladies boutique in the middle of Cork. This is the place to go to if you want to browse the many different styles all housed within the premise. Make sure to check their Facebook page for regular updates. Here’s the link.

Nicola Ross: 50s Revival

Nicola Ross prides itself in being Ireland’s premier boutique. The designs come from Europe and this is obvious when you browse their glorious page: packed with mother of the bride outfits ranging from simple and elegant to fabulous and lavish. Our favourite store so far, Nicola Ross stocks Fee G, Kate & Pippa, Matilde Cano, Sonia Pena, Olimara and more. You can have a personal shopper available on request and the shop opens every day of the week and also weekends. Yes, including Sunday.

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