John Charles Mother of the Bride Collection – Be Ready for a Ride!

by admin on November 25, 2010

Since its inception in 1958, John Charles designer gowns and dresses have been known for quality and style. Regine Ellis is the force that has brought the brand its wide acclaimed success and the specially designed dresses and gowns are carried by exclusive boutiques. John Charles mother of the bride dresses do not give the typical mom look, but a more modern trendy look. The fabrics are sourced from around the world and the best materials are collected from places like Hong Kong, Paris, Milan, and New York, and then designed to suit the individuality of women with special attention to detail. Having the honor of dressing the most influential women means maintaining the true heritage and blending the new trends and demands of the high profile professional women of today, at the same time maintaining the soft glamorous look for evening wear. John Charles accomplishes this with style.

one of the gorgeous john charles outfits elegant outfit - john charles mother of the bride

The John Charles mother of the bride outfits are designed not to outshine the bride yet stand apart from the crowd. The dress designs are appealing and the color, design, and size selection, is wide ranging. Everyone is sure to find something to suit their needs here. John Charles collection stands a head above the run of the mill Mother of the bride outfits UK! With varying sleeve styles, necklines, and dress lengths, the choices are endless. Once the perfect dress is found you can move on to matching head dress or jackets.


Dress shops from around the world are familiar with the John Charles reputation and carry the John Charles mother of the bride collection. The mother of the bride dresses are easily available in Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK, and Europe. Some of the exclusive boutiques carrying the latest variety of John Charles outfits in London are “After Dark” and “London Bridge Couture”. In Ireland, it is possible to get them at “Aria Boutique”, “Bibas Boutique” and “Boles of Boyle”. In Northern Ireland, they can be viewed at “Aura”, “After Dark@Chantilly Lace” or “Blush Boutique”. These shops are more upscale and interesting places to buy special event dresses. Special exhibitions are also held for retail purposes, only at different locations. The latest collections are displayed.

another one of john charles mother of the bride outfits a stunning john charles mother of thebride outfit

Online Shopping

If you live in large cities, then finding the perfect outfit may be an issue, but not if there is internet access available. It is convenient to shop online with Nordstrom dresses or you can opt for mother of the bride dresses Dillards. A huge selection is made available and quick delivery is guaranteed. Checking out the John Charles dresses online is another option for getting a look at the latest designs available. Although the site is a bit difficult to navigate and getting the idea of price is next to impossible, you can still get a good idea of what is available and what’s in fashion. It really pays to get a John Charles mother of the bride – buy online through different stockists, find the one nearest you and check out availability of the outfit or dress you like. Shopping online allows you to compare and shop in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. Also it is done from the convenience of your own home, while sipping a cup of tea! Payment with online purchases is made convenient as many different card options are available. So getting a John Charles mother of the bride outfit can actually be an enjoyable experience instead of an ordeal.

a sensational john charles mother of the bride outfits -  uk part of john charles mother of the bride collection

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