Grandmother of the Bride Dresses

by admin on May 8, 2010

On the big day, grandmothers also want to look their best and make sure their dear granddaughter bride is really proud of her. As with mother of the bride outfits, grandmother of the bride dresses should also be elegant and glamorous; lets not forget she has taken great part in making the wedding day possible! She should be honoured accordingly, and so her dress or outfit should reflect the status she has so deservedly earned.

The grandmother of the bride dress is really important; don’t forget will be appearing in many of the wedding photos. She will want to look as elegant as the rest of the family; it will be worth spending a bit of money in a dress, suit or outfit that will make her shine on the day. For the formal look, make sure that the bag, hat and gloves – and sometimes the jacket – match accordingly.

Even though age takes its toll, when looking for grandmother of bride dresses it might be recommended to “shop online”. Even though she might be reluctant at first (especially if whe is used to -and prides herself on- “old fashioned” ways) she might be pleasently surprised when you take your computer / laptop to her place and go through the different shops through the internet. If she has an idea of what she wants to wear on the wedding day or what style would really suit her it might be useful to check out some of the dedicated sites. Once she knows what outfit or dress to go for, it will make the shopping process a lot easier. If she is not sure or wants to leave it up to the bride, purple, mauve or blue grandmother of the bride dresses provide the classic and simple look. She will probably want to wear her choice of grandma of bride outfit or gown again at some point, so it is always a good idea to keep this in mind when purchasing it.

Cassandra Stone offers a great selection of outfits for both the mother and the grandmother of the bride. The designs are a great mix of taste and elegance, great for giving her the status as well as respect she most certainly deserves. Another sensational collection to look at is the Christie Pantsuit collection,  in which you can find a great variety of styles, colors and sizes. Other names worth mentioning are Donna Vinci, Lisa Rene and Ursula of Switzerland.

If shopping online is not the preferred option, it might be a good idea to prepare for the day well as there will be lots of time spent in walking in and out of department stores. Plan a route before hand, leave early; also it might be worth taking a little trip to the nearest city. At the end of the day it is important to make sure it will be the perfect outfit for the occasion! Unlike the the mother of the bride shoes, grandmothers should be really careful on what they wear on the day as the long hours will take their toll on the legs and feet. Comfy but smart shoes should not be difficult to find in department stores.

Looking for grandmother of the bride outfits should be fun and not a tedious task. If the wedding is not really formal, an inexpensive option could be a simple dress with a beautiful shawl that would add color and also look smart and classy.

Designer grandmother of the bride dresses are also a great option if your budget allows. Designer labels like Misty Lane, Karen Miller and Ben Marc are some of the many options to look for. As a general rule, remember:

– Looking smart and elegant is important, but comfort should always be taken into consideration

– Try to avoid low neck lines if you don’t feel confident enough

– Simplicity is sometimes key; think of it when choosing colors, style, length, design and labels

– If in doubt, gowns with cardigan jackets work really well as well as pant suits. Mauve, blue and purple can look great.

– Shopping online will probably save you money as well as a lot of hassle

– Feeling free to dress and choose is important; but make sure the bride is happy with the chosen wedding attire.

Whatever the choice, whether outfit, suits or dresses for grandmother of the bride, it is advisable that you always aim for style, quality and price.

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Grandmother of the bride dresses should look stylish and

Remember: comfort is paramount for women of a certain age!

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