Frank Usher Coterie Collection Outfits: More Fab Pics!

by admin on April 25, 2012

In the past I’ve looked at Frank Usher Mother of the Bride Collection and also have given you a list of Coterie Mother of the Bride Outfits Stockists

In this post I would like to show you a few more Frank Usher Coterie collection outfits. It’s been a bit of a task gathering the images because their website doesn’t really display as many outfits as you would like (also, when you click on the images they don’t open in a bigger frame).

Frank Usher the label has been designing the outfits for well over half a century, which is a long time in design terms I’m sure. You can almost tell by the look of the creations that the past is very much imprinted within the present – the length of the skirts, the overall fitting and feeling of the finished work just have that “thing” about it.

Personally, I love it. And even though I still would kill for a John Charles or an Ian Stuart, there’s no doubt that with an outfit from the Coterie collection my soul would be very happy indeed.

The creations are very elegant indeed, definitely timeless with a “hint” of the past and will do a great job if you are looking for something special for your very special event.

Check out also the hats which compliment the dresses to perfection. Frank Usher’s handbags are also to die for, which are usually shown off at the races.

With prices that can be quite affordable and high class couture, a designer label of the calibre of Frank Usher will most definitely dress you to kill on the day.

(Although the label is British it can also be found in other countries and has won several awards)

Part of A Great Collection

Frank Usher Coterie Collection 1

Frank Usher Coterie Collection 2

Frank Usher Coterie Collection 3

Frank Usher Coterie Collection 4

Frank Usher Coterie Collection 5

Frank Usher Coterie Collection 6

Frank Usher Coterie Collection 7

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