Designer Mother of the Bride Outfits

by admin on December 5, 2009

It is imperative to decide well in advance if the best option is to contemplate different designer mother of the bride outfits. They do come at a price, and they are most definitely not cheap! Especially considering the outfit might be worn only once in a lifetime; and, even though the newlyweds will deserve the economical “sacrifice”, it is doubtful that a highly expensive gown will compensate when there are so many options available in the shops. Nevertheless, settling for designer mother of the bride outfits has lots of advantages.

If the bridal gown is being privately designed, it is advisable to ask the same person to design the mother’s dress. To choose the outfit “to order” is always a good idea as long as the order is placed well in advance and your pocket allows, of course. A designer will look at the general style and will try to design an outfit that will match the bridal dress but at the same time keep it low key to make sure the bride will shine on her wedding day. Also, the outfit should be made so it fits the mother of the bride perfectly as it is being designed especially for her and all the different measurements are taken into account. Any changes in size should be adjust accordingly and in time if that was the case. If in doubt of what accessories to wear that match the outfit and also bring it to life, ask the designer. He or she will know best and can help you with the little details. Don’t skip this step, there is nothing worse than a great mother of the bride outfit and the wrong (or lack of) accessories. Remember Patsy’s famous quote: “Darling, even Amanda de Cadenet would remember the word ‘accessories’”.  They should match your wedding outfit and at the same time enhance the overall look!

Lots of bridal magazines devote their articles to choosing the perfect bride’s wedding outfit but they somehow seem to forget the importance of the mother of the bride outfits. A designer will spot the lack of advice and information straight away and will help with all the suggestions that he/she possibly can. Most of the time the spotlight is on the bride and the mother is “forgotten” on the side, which is a bit of a nuisance as she needs all the possible available advice and information, especially if it is the first time a daughter gets married.

The key is always to choose well, and well in advance. Whether designer wedding of the brides outfits or the high street approach, many compliments will be received with the perfect choice of outfit.

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