It is not easy to find one source on the Internet that deals just with mother of the bride outfits, accessories and other necessary bits and bobs for the wedding day. Yes, there are plenty of stores, shops and boutiques that advertise their outfits on the net. But they don’t actually provide comprehensive information on the mother of the bride and her needs.

From Scotland to  New York to Cheshire, at sensationalmotherofthebrideoutfits I try to bring to you as much value as I can so you can find exactly what you need – whether it’s a place for shopping or an item for wearing!



My name is Patri Hernandez and I live in London. I have been running this website since January 2010.

At first I didn’t really know much about the mother of the bride and what she should wear to the wedding day; but I was always fascinated by the looks.

The sheer sophistication, the glamour and luxury of the outfits, the elegance combined with the traditional and timeless, all appealed to me.

I’m a great fan of cabaret shows mixed with 50s and 60s films. Audrey Hepburn has the type of look I admire, and the vigorous sensuality and sheer determination of the more mature woman is something that the younger generation just cannot pull off. In time they will, but the real sensation comes when  a woman knows she’s lived and now is finally ready to re-live life with her as the main character!

The style, the attractive looks, the elegance and fabulousness of mother of the bride outfits in general are difficult to ignore.

I certainly haven’t, and I hope to help you as much as I can with this site.

Please do contact me if there is anything in particular you would like me to add. Suggestions are growth!

Thanks for stopping by.