A Dress For The Mother Of The Bride

by admin on September 9, 2012

In the months and weeks leading up to a wedding, much is made of the decorations and designs of the ceremony. This involves everything from the flowers and decorative arrangements to the bridesmaids’ dresses, and of course, the wedding dress. Even in the most extravagant and well-decorated weddings, the outfit of the bride – how she wears her hair, what dress she chooses, and the all-important engagement ring – tends to be the main visual focus. Additionally, the outfits of the groom and the wedding parties are very noticeable, as the groomsmen and bridesmaids are often on full display at the front of the ceremony. However, the fact that these are usually the main focuses does not mean that other aspects of wedding outfitting aren’t also very important. For example, consider the mother of the bride.

Mother of the bride is naturally one of the most significant and honored positions at any wedding, and in many cases mothers spend just about as much time as the brides figuring out what to wear! The mother of the bride of course wants to look fantastic for her daughter’s wedding, and also wants to show some style, as she too will be a main focus at the ceremony and reception. So, what are some ideas for how to go about choosing a dress as the mother of the bride?

One interesting idea that has become somewhat popular is for the mother of the bride to pick out a dress that matches the color scheme and/or design of the bridesmaids. This idea has a way of identifying the mother of the bride as a sort of glorified member of the wedding party, and can help the mother of the bride to both blend in with the ceremony and establish her own stylish look. It can also be nice to match the bridesmaids at least partially, because in many cases the mother of the bride is very close to the members of the bridal party, whether they be sisters, cousins, friends, etc. of the bride.

So where can you begin looking over different bridesmaids’ dresses? One convenient way is to simply browse the collections at helpful stores like Marks & Spencer that have wide selections and a good deal of variety. As you look through collections designed for bridesmaids, you will likely find that there are many ways to match, but not completely replicate the dresses worn by your daughter’s bridesmaids. For example, you may want to wear a dress of the same style in a slightly different color, or do the reverse and wear the same color in slightly different style. Ultimately, finding a nice balance between blending in and standing out in a lovely dress can make for a very fitting outfit for the mother of the bride.

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