She’s fabulous, smart and beautiful; she’s the mother of the bride and wants to make sure she looks absolutely sensational on her daughter’s wedding day!

You have come to the right place; sensational mother of the bride outfits is the informational site on absolutely everything you need to know about new/used/hired/plus size or designer wedding outfits, suits and dresses as well as accessories. We cover information from basic rules of etiquette to shops and boutiques in the US and the UK. For sensational dresses, also check out Gina Bacconi, Cinnia Edua, Blue Banana and The Italian Touch if you are looking for something that little bit less formal.

Looking Sensational is Key!

ann_balon1 condici2
The Beautiful Ann Balon The Glorious Condici

In this dedicated site you will find all the relevant information that you need to succeed on this very important day in your daughter’s life.

Where to Begin

The mother of the bride is a vital protagonist on this very special event. Next to the bride, she will be center of attention at certain times of the day during and throughout the event, and she should be wearing an outfit that depicts both elegance and style without taking away the shine that belongs to the bride. It is a difficult task, and one that takes a lot of time, effort and planning as the outfit should be as comfortable as possible as well as looking absolutely stunning and sensational.

Radiance is the word in any wedding event. The mother of the bride should look absolutely fantastic and it is important that she is encouraged to look her best throughout the ceremony and rest of the day. To get the right garment and matching accessories will take time so it is essential to have a long chat with her daughter; it is important to make sure she is happy with the designated outfit.

Things to Consider

There are a few important things for the mother of the bride to consider:

  1. The style and design that she should be looking for
  2. The tones and shades that best suit her
  3. Colors that blend the wedding’s color scheme (she might look fantastic in lime green or screaming yellow but they are not the right choices to display on the wedding day)
  4. The outfit’s size – it should fit her body like a glove
  5. Uniqueness – wouldn’t be awful if somebody else was wearing the exact same outfit?

Choosing the Outfit

Since planning a wedding does take a long time and organizational skills, choosing the mother of the bride wedding outfits should not be left to the last minute. Planning in advance is key; it is a good idea to have this task at the top of the checklist to make sure everything goes smoothly and there are no surprises on the way. There are no rules on who chooses their outfit first (bride or mother) but in any case, the important thing is to decide on a garment they are both happy with. If in doubt, wait until the bride chooses her dress and the bridesmaids’. Then, it is essential to make sure the mother of the bride outfit matches the wedding color scheme. Color and style coordination are key. Check for mother of the bride outfits guidelines to find out about the rules of etiquette and also grandmother of the bride dresses and other elderly wedding outfits to get a general idea for the elderly generation. Remember, sometimes it is all about simplicity. Also, some brides prefer their mothers to go for something a bit more understated when they wear simple wedding dresses, so when choosing the outfit in these cases, it is safe not to go over the top.

Color Coordination is Essential

paule_vasseur linea-raffaelli
The Vibrant Paule Vasseur
The Stylish Linea Raffaelli


Hats, gloves, shoes, bags, brooches, scarves, fascinators and shawls are the most common accessories and they should match the wedding outfit. Fascinators are probably the most exuberant of the wedding accessories and they can be hand crafted with flowers or feathers to complete the look. When it comes to the shoes, opting for heels will add a touch of sophistication to the outfit. Neutral colors as well as metal tones like silver or copper can work really well. Always check out suitable wedding handbags that will look stunning with your outfit.

Stores, Boutiques and Designers

In the UK

You will find fabulous places in the United Kindom if you are looking for sensational evening wear.


  • Ian Stuart London – Ian Stuart’s Chocolate Box Collection is simply “delicious”.  Peek through the brochure for amazing outfits. There is also a great selection of stores not only in Great Britain but also across Europe (Germany, Greece, Belgium and Holland) where you will find the perfect gown.
  • Condici – Condici is renowned for the fabulous evening wear and can be found all across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Its collection of hats is truly amazing.
  • Paule Vasseur – Elegant, classic, sensational, with a fantastic collection of hats and fascinators.
  • Ann Balon Moda Italiana – Beautiful Italian style dresses, Ann Balon has been around for over 25 years and is one of the leading designer mother of the bride outfits labels. Watch out for the Occassions and Tuscany collections.
  • Linea Rafaelli – Very stylish, Linea’s catalogue also offers a beautiful range of accessories.
  • John Charles mother of the bride – Outfits that are glorious, very exclusive indeed and synonym of luxury.

Other designers to check out for are Gina Bacconi, Ispirato, Tom Bowker, Civit, Frank Usher, Capri, Coterie, Peter Martin, Presen, Ronald Joyce, Sarah Crozier, Capollini, Taifun, Passport, Scala, Neive, Libra, Infantino, Rengin, Damianou, Michaela Louisa and also don’t forget Sarah Cornell mother of the bride designer dresses which can only be found in a few boutiques.


  • Gina Smart Fashions in Scotland – Great selection of outfits, featuring Condici, Linea Raffaelli, Presen (Spanish), Luis Civit and Ispirato
  • Mary’s of Enfield in Hertforshire, England – Great Fashion Collections as well as accessories – hats, fascinators, shoes and bags.
  • Joyce Young in London (and Scotland) – Nice collection of colorful as well as traditional outfits. They have an impression collection of tartan dresses for both the mother of the bride and the daugher.

When visiting the stores or checking online, watch out for sales. Prices sometimes drop considerably – from £1000+ down to £200, £300 and £400+; and from £300 and £400 to £100+. Ask for details.

Here you will find more information on mother of the bride outfits uk options.


  • Davids Bridal stocks beautiful evening wear whether you are looking for a short tier dress, a two piece jacket outfit or a taffeta mock dress amongst othrers. The colors are subtle and the prices start from around $200.  You can also find a complete set of accessories from wedding shoes to necklaces, bags, ribbons, lingerie and headpieces.
  • Nordstrom dresses also offers a great selection of mother of the bride dresses and outfits, from Kay Unger to Teri Jon, J Kara, Alex Evenings, Tadashi Shoji, Calvin Klein and Adrianna Papell. Prices start at around $150.
  • Lord and Taylor also stock many of these labels including ABS, BCBG and JS Boutique. The outfits styles range from bolero jackets to empire waist, one shoulder, sleeveless, cap sleeve, ¾ sleeve and keyhole.
  • Dillards offers an extensive range online, prices starting at around $90
  • On the more expensive range Neiman Marcus stocks beautiful designer labels; amongst others we can find Tahari, Rickie Freeman, Alberto Makali, Gucci, Donna Karan and Valentino.
  • Bloomingdales also stocks outfits on the higher price range including Carmen Marc Valvo, David Meister and Rickie Freeman.
  • Alfred Angelo will set you back $150 all the way to $700, sizes ranging from 0 to 30W in 55 different colors.

Throughout the website you will be able to find many interesting posts that will help you choose the perfect outfit.

More Sensational Outfits

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